User Instructions

Case Care

Always check your Keebunga Key Case is clean from debris before use. Particular care should be taken to ensure the seal and case openings are clean from debris including but not limited to dirt, sand, grit, hair and / or surf wax. 

  • Regularly test the case is watertight without contents by testing in a hand basin.
  • Clean the case regularly with mild soapy fresh water and dry thoroughly before use.
  • Do not leave exposed to sun light for prolonged periods of time.

Opening Your Case

1. Open the case by releasing the two metal "Keebunga" metal clips. The clips are released at the end furthest from the seal.

2. Gently pull off the cap.

Securing Your Key

Use the elastic loop to secure your key.

Closing Your Case

1. Position your key inside the lower half of the case and re-position the cap.

2. Locate the metal clips into the two sockets on the cap.

3. Press down on the ends of the clips (furthest from the seal) and snap down to lock.


Go Explore!

Secure your sealed case to a wet suit, board short, rash vest, lanyard, harness or in a pocket.


Trouble Shooting

Clip Assembly / Re-assembly 

Clip assembly from Keebunga on Vimeo.